Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gen Mai Cha Soy Latte

Gen Mai Cha is a traditional Japanese tea made with toasted brown rice and green tea powder or "macha". It has a mellow, nutty flavor and is often served in Japanese restaurants. It can be brewed using loose tea or tea bags, both of which are available in Japanese markets. This is a healthy post- work out drink; green tea has been shown to speed recovery after exercise and soy contributes quality nutrients and calories, unlike commercial "energy drinks" made with high levels of added stimulants and artificial ingredients.

1 cup simmering water
2 gen mai cha tea bags
1/2 cup hot unsweetened soy milk

Place tea bags in a pre-heated tea pot. Pour not- quite boiling water over tea; allow to steep for a couple minutes. Add hot soy milk and serve. Feel free to experiment with the proportion of soy milk to tea; you may prefer less water and more soy for a richer drink. In warm weather, make some extra gen mai cha latte to serve chilled in a glass.