Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter Super Citrus Juice

Home made citrus juice is a delicious and healthy winter treat which takes only moments to make and tastes nothing like store bought juice. Use any combination of good quality citrus which you have on hand. During the winter citrus season, look in the market for Minneola tangelos, blood oranges, navel oranges, and ruby red grapefruit. You don't need a fancy expensive machine to make this juice; I use a little $8.00 stainless steel hand juicer imported from Brazil. It requires a bit of muscle to squeeze juice by hand but by the end of citrus season your biceps will be stronger and your body healthier. This recipe for Minneola/blood orange juice is my seasonal favorite.

Minneola / Blood Orange Juice

2 Minneola tangelos
2 blood oranges

Wash fruit, slice into halves, and juice. Serve immediately in a glass. Drink slowly and enjoy the beautiful ruby red color and vibrant flavor of this juice.